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‘A Healthy Step, Towards Healthy Living’

Astir Organic the best Ayurvedic company India has brought a natural remedy to common health problems like Diabetes, Hypertension, Indigestion, cholesterol and Obesity. The wide range of natural health, herbal extract to Rejuvenate, Restoration and Revitlaizaiton of your body. To keep the body free from diseases the best remedy is to go Natural. The Himalayan Wilderness picked herbs used in preparation of medicinal fibrous extracts are very useful and plenty of healthy nutritional benefits. Astir Organic as an Ayurvedic company is shouldering every aspect of bringing effective health tonic, dietary tablets and herbal juice extracts for all types of problems.

Meaning of Ayurveda

Based on Ayurvedic studies the concoction of various herbal extracts has been made for profound results. Ayurveda has a great place in medical science. The inherited knowledge of Ayurveda is our most prestigious and revered Indian legacy of great Acharyas and scholars like Dhanvantari, Sushrut, Charak, Maharashi Chyawan, Ashwini Kumara. Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘Life’+ ‘Knowledge’. In other words study of life is Ayurveda, the science dealing with life. India is blessed with natural bounty and has huge resources of minerals and nutritional herbs across the sub-continent. The medicinal properties of these herbs have been studied by different scholars and their beneficial concepts were developed depending upon their nature and effects on human body according to ‘doshas’ mainly ‘Kafa’, ‘Pitta’ and ‘Vayu’. Our body core components are ‘Jala’, ‘Vayu’, ‘Agni’, ‘Prithvi’ and ‘Aakash’( Panchtatva). Hence, imbalance of any of these in our body is the root cause of deteriorating health. Ayurveda basically  puts emphasis on attaining health and vitality by developing a healthy  metabolic functionality, maintaining good digestion and defecation. Therefore, to maintain a proper health we should depend upon natural herbs to get cured.

AstirOrganic, Ayurvedic Company India has brought nature’s benefits in the most  hygienic form and pure fibrous extracts of various plants with medicinal value that can be used daily. The different blends of herbal extracts are fortified with numerous benefits. You get unexpected results with regular use and feel your health optimizing day by day.

The growing awareness of benefits of using herbal products in controlling and preventing of diseases like Diabetes, Indigestion, Poor Immunity, Cholesterol, Impotency, Sexual Debility, Obesity etc. The extracts and all health products are certified by leading health and drug organizations that give certificates of quality and purity. Our products match the standards of GMP, HACCP-10 and CB-017. Hence, there is assurance of quality and purity of Astir Organic Ayurvedic Products.