Understand Diabetes, Symptoms, Treatment and Precaution. Food to Eat in Diabetes

The misconception and ignorance about diabetes has created fear and carelessness. The following article on Diabetes and general caring tips will surely help in understanding the symptoms and cause of diabetes and certain precautionary measures will help to lead a happy life. There are herbal medicines for diabetes that too help in keeping eye on sugar levels effectivley.


Diabetes Prevention

At home or among familiar persons, it is common to find diabetes suffering cases. Diabetes is such a disease, which requires changing the lifestyle at greater extent. If you are diabetic or at the verge of being diabetic even a slightest ignorance can make your life havoc.  According to diabetes expert, they suggests, the diabetic patients need special attention and care in their food habit and daily routine otherwise it has effects on other parts of the body and the dependency on insulin becomes inevitable.


Diabetes Type-2 Cause, Symptom and Prevention

Effects on Sugar Level:

Diabetes mellitus is basically metabolic disorder disease. Generally what we eat gets transformed into the form of glucose and then it gets spread in body through blood.  Subsequently the insulin hormone changes glucose into energy. When diabetes is caused the body is unable to have proper insulin levels or it fails to use the insulin effectively.  One of these is the basic reason that body in unable to convert sugar, starch and glucose into energy.  As a result the glucose gets accumulated in blood.

Symptoms of Diabetes:

Frequent Urination

Disproportionate Thirst

Intense Hunger

Weight Gain

Unusual Weight Loss

Increased Fatigue


Cuts and Bruises Don’t Heal Properly and Timely

Skin Infections

Gum Infection

Sexual Dysfunction

Numbness or Tingling of Hand and Feet

Types of Diabetes:

Basically Diabetes is of two types. People suffering from Type-1 have no insulin secretion or very low level insulin secretion.  Children and youth suffer from this most.  In this case the use of insulin injection is very much required.  Around 90% patients are of Type-2. Obesity, lifestyle problems are directly connected to Type-2 case of diabetes.  Earlier mostly people 35-40 age were found but these days the youth too has become the patients of Type-2 Diabetes.

Things to Be Kept in Mind:

What you should eat and it should be determined by studying sugar level, daily routine, exercise habit, lifestyle, body weight and height.


Food to eat in Diabetes

Important Things to Consider:

Keep watch on Glycemic index while you eat fruits:

Nutritionist suggests that choosing fruits for diabetic person on must check the level of glycemic index (GI). The fruits that contain higher level of GI increase the sugar level very fast. Cherries, pineapples, kiwi, apple, papaya, guava, orange, raspberry, blueberry has very low level of GI. These fruits can be eaten by diabetic patients. On the other hand fruits like banana, chikoo, Mango has higher amount of GI. These fruits trigger sugar level very fast. One should avoid these fruits or can eat in very small amount that too occasionally.

Follow 60:20:20 Ratio Formulas in Diet:

Food expert suggests that in diet 60% carb, 20% fat and 20% protein rich diet should be taken. Around 1500 to 1800 calories is required. Daily 2-3 seasonal fruits and 2-4 types of green vegetables should be included in the daily routine.

Eat in small interval:

Divide the food into five meals for whole day.  Eating at a time increases the sugar level drastically. Hence, eating small meals at regular intervals will help in high as well as low sugar level.

Avoid Red Meat:

It is wise not to eat red meat if you are diabetic.  Non-vegetarian people can depend on chicken, sea food. In case of cholesterol level is high then avoid yellow portion of egg too.

Eat Less Sugar and Salt Too:

Not only sugar but excess of salt is also bad for health. Natural vegetables have salt which is enough for the body. If required add very little salt.  Sweets, cakes, pastries, chocolates should be refrained and one can enjoy natural sweetness like jiggery, sweet potato, honey to satiate your sweet tooth.  Alcohol, soft drinks should be consumed very less. Dry fruits are good but the fructose increases the sugar level. Try eating fresh fruits to get maximum benefits and the goodness of fibres. Fruit juice should not be taken daily.

Avoid Fine Flour and Caffeine:

To stay healthy avoid fine flour (maida) as it increases the level of sugar and cholesterol. Reduce the intake of tea or coffee not more than two cups.  Prefer to eat whole grains, sprouts, unpolished rice and cereals.

Eat Smart at Home and Outside:

Regardless of place where you eat, eat discreetly choose fibrous food, whole grains, oats etc. Prefer toned milk, pulses in meals, green salads; prefer food cooked in olive oil or mustard oil. The vegetables that can be eaten raw should be taken daily by adding little salt, pepper and lemon.  One can include jamun, fenugreek, cinnamon, garlic, bitter gourd etc. for good health benefits.

Exercise, Meditation, Yoga:

Make a daily routine of moderate exercise, brisk walking, mediation and yoga. All these combined will keep mind and body healthy and flexible.


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