What is Giloy

Herb Giloy

Giloy/ Guduchi

Giloy is the most efficacious and potent known herb in Indian Ayurveda. Guduchi or Giloya is one of the most valued herbs that are used with great trust for the treatment of various health problems and for general body fitness. In Indian subcontinent there is much demand for Giloy as it has been widely used and written for thousands of year back. Giloy is considered as one of the best known “Rasayana” as it is known for potent versatility and unusual health benefits with respect of treating different type of diseases. In recent time this herb Guduchi has got unprecedented demand and popularity in the form of Giloy Juice, Giloy Extract, Giloy Tablets. It is also called as” Amrita Bel” that heals the body. Giloy is also called in scriptures as “nectar of immortality” and “heavenly elxir”. Its scienifc name is Tinospora Cordifolia.  Giloy is bestowed with three Rasa ie. Tikta, Katu Veerya in other words Giloy is bestowed with the unique Tridoshhara attributes.

Giloy is considered as a most prominently used medicinal herb in Ayurveda because it has the curing properties for several life threatening diseases.

Common names of Giloy in different languages include:


Hindi-Giloe, Gurcha

Assamese:Siddhilata, Amaralata


Gujarati:Galac, Garo


Kashmiri : Amrita, Gilo



Punjabi: Gilo

Tamil: Seendal, Seendilkodi

Telugu: Thippateega

Recognise and Find the Herb Giloy Around:

Herb Giloy

Giloy/ Guduchi

One can easily identify Giloy in surroundings or in woods as it is a woody climbing shrub that is found in deciduous and perennial region. This herbaceous vine grows on hedges and trees. Guduchi/giloy is often seen growing up Mango or Neem trees in our vicinities. Giloy can be grown either by its seeds or stem. The stems, leaves and roots are used in medicine.

Guduchi can be grown without the use of fertilizer making it simple to grow. Giloy is easy to identify. It is perfectly suited to and grows well in almost any type of soil and under varying climatic conditions. It is specially fortified if grown on Neem tree thereby it is supposed to have ample medicinal virtue.

Guduchi or Giloy is helpful in several health conditions. Few of them are listed below:

Anthelmenthic (In intestinal parasites):  Guduchi has anthelmenthic properties. Regular use of this herb helps to increase the resistance of colon to intestinal parasites.

Anti inflammatory in joint pain: Tinospora cordifolia is very helpful in conditions like arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis etc. where joint pain is a common symptom. It helps to reduce pain and swelling of joints. Giloy also helps to rejuvenate joints and increases their mobility.

Anti pyretic: Use of Guduchi is of immense help in uncontrolled fever. This herb helps to bring down the body temperature when used along with other antipyretics. Texts of Ayurveda proudly praises the efficiency of  Guduchi in controlling  fever . Giloy or gudduchi has given treatment of dengue fever as it helps in alleviating the blood platelets. Giloy extract can be taken in any form to boost immunity as per the requirements.

Chronic smoking : Giloy helps to reduce chronic cough. It boosts immunity of lungs and helps in expectoration. Chronic smokers are benefited by this herb. But cessation of smoking is very essential to reap the benefits.

Aphrodisiac: Guduchi is a very good Rasayana  (adaptogen) and Vajikara (aphrodisiac) –  Its regular use helps to detoxify male reproductive system and rejuvenate it. Due to its adaptogenic and aphrodisiac properties Giloy helps to increase sperm count, sperm motility and erection time.

Brain Tonic- Guduchi acts as a superb Medhya Rasayana or brain tonic by increasing mind powers like comprehension, memory and recollection.

Blood purification: Tinospora cordifolia helps to remove toxins from blood. It acts as a detoxifying agent. Toxins accumulated due to intake of alcohol and continuous tobacco chewing can be flushed out by regular use of this herb. Giloy expels toxins from both the liver and the kidneys and keeps the body safe from free radicals.

Immunity booster: Giloy is a well known immunity booster. It cleans toxins from the body and rejuvenates it very well at tissue level by boosting their immunity to many type of diseases can be prevented. Guduchi helps to increase the number of white blood cells counting. Regular use of Giloy helps to resist diseases like influenza, common cold, cough, fever, jaundice, arthritis etc. Giloy is highly rich in antioxidant properties that give the body ability to resist the diseases.  In addition to all this, Giloy has the most ability to fight viral and bacterial borne diseases. The use of giloy in treatment of Dengue, Swine Flu, Chikunugnya has shown great results.

Anti diabetic: Tinospora Cordifolia is known to reduce glucose level in blood. This wonder herb helps to control uncontrolled blood sugar along with other anti- diabetic medications.

Rejuvenation and protection of liver:

Giloy helps in rejuvenation of liver. It helps to prevent fibrosis and stimulates regeneration of hepatic tissue. Usage of Giloy immensely helps in fatty liver. Persons, whose liver is damaged by consumption of alcohol and unbalanced diet, can be benefited by regular use of this herb. But withdrawing from alcohol and junk food consumption is absolutely necessary before consuming this herb. Giloy is boon for stomach problems like flatulence, indigestion, constipation, piles etc. The regular use of giloy extract helps in improving metabolism, relaxes intestines, heals ulcers and takes good care of the digestive system very efficiently.

In the ancient periods the whole plant was judiciously utilized to treat different conditions. Now the extract of Guduchi or Giloy is encapsulated in capsule form, powder form, syrup form, juice or extract based and is being used by Ayurvedic practitioners in many health conditions. Regular intake of giloy helps in relaxing of mind and body as it provides vital nutrients and minerals essential for proper functioning of the body parts.

These days one can find giloy extract/juice with other herbs that gives profound health benefits and makes the body naturally strong and shielded against the infectious diseases.