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Goyum Tablets is highly researched and scientifically proven formula to regulate blood sugar level in the body. Goyum Tablets are very unique Anti-diabetic Herbal/Ayurvedic formulation 100% effective for sugar control. Goyum has more than 25 vital phytonutirents enriched composition that facilitates natural insulin balance in body.

Ayurvedic/herbal medicine for Diabetes Mellitus is Goyum Tablet. Goyum tablets are unique combination of different herbal Specific Extract Benefits:

Gudmar- Maintains after meal glucose levels

Ashwagandha: Helps in reducing Hyperglycemia levels

Shilajeet: Nourishes the whole body and keep the sugar levels in control

Daruharidra and Methika – Improves health & functioning of pancreas and other vital organs.

Vijaysar and Majeeth- Powerful antioxidant which prevents the oxidative damage

Giloy- Improves immunity


For treatment and management of Type II Diabetes Mellitus.


100 Tab

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