There are certain tips for easy and fast weight loss if followed wisely in daily routine will sure help in maintaining proper weight. The following tips helps in weight loss effectivley. To maintain proper weight we have to follow few things that are essential that how much intake of food when and why. Below very simple and easy to follow tips have been shared for all those who want to become slim and smart. Actually our body and mind is what we eat and how we live. If we maintain judicious way of eating balanced diet and a routine in daily life we can keep away health problems away like overweight, cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, early aging, poor immunity etc. There are superfoods like Garcinia Cambogia, Piper Nigrum, Green Tea, Coleus Froskohlii that helps in burning extra fat in the body. One can take high quality herbal dietary supplements to get effective results in burning body fat that eventually helps in weight loss.

Burn Belly Fat

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Simple guide to weight loss

  • Take healthy and sumptuous breakfast and during lunch indulge in right amount of food and it is advisable to have very light meal in night. During day the calories burns much faster if you are very active whole day as a result you will not gain weight whereas during night when you are eating high calorie and this results in formation of fat in the body.
  • Never ignore intake of protein rich diet. Protein is highly essential nutrients as protein satiates hunger without adding extra calorie or fat in our body.
  • Say goodbye to sugar and things made with sugar. Sugar multiplies calorie in the body and fat cells increases in the body. It is suggested to refrain from sugar in daily life as far as possible.
  • To feel satiated after food craving relish fresh apples, melons and oranges it will add fibre and vitamin to your body unlike those who love to eat kheer, halwa, cakes, custards etc.
  • Take an advice not eat left overs, keep the leftover food in refrigerator to be used afterwards.
  • Sleep early in night it helps in repairing of body cells and relaxes mind and body completely.
  • If you have attended party or gone out dine then next day make the diet just half or eat plenty of salads and fresh fruits.
  • Without increasing calorie intake, there is a smart trick to follow. Serve half bowl of vegetables then take second serving. This will make you feel fuller and happier this makes the food enjoyable and helps maintaining healthy intake of food.
  • Keep in mind to take the food in the proper ratio of one portion of carbohydrates, one portion of protein and two portions of vegetables and salads. As mid meal it is advisable to relish salads and good sources are carrots, salad leaves, radish, beetroots, cucumber, capsicum, celery, broccoli, onions, gourds, cauliflowers, cabbages, spinach, tomatoes etc.
Salads for weight loss

Eating salads and greens helps in burning body fat and improves metabolism

Easy to follow vegan diet chart for weight loss:

Morning- 1 cup of tea or coffee or green tea without sugar

Breakfast- 2 slices of bread/ 1 bowl of porridge with 1 cup of milk and 1 seasonal fruit

Lunch- 1 Chapatti, ½ bowl rice, 1 bowl of pulses, 1 bowl of vegetables boiled, ½ glass buttermilk, 1 bowl of mix salads.

Evening- 1 cup of coffee/ tea without sugar or green tea with two rusks

Dinner- 2 Chapatti (multigrain preferable), 1 bowl of mix boiled vegetables, ½ bowl curd and mix salad.

Note: Take only 2 to 3 tsp of oil or butter to cook food.

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